The Mystery Staffordshire Hoard Object: More Pics!

Curator Dr David Symons recently wrote a blog on the Staffordshire Hoard website about this mystery object which is made up of 3 parts of the Hoard: K545, K1055 and K130.


Dr Symons wrote about what it has been suggested the object might be, and asked people for their suggestions. There has been a great interest in this – so here’s a few more pics that might help!


K545 Top piece


K1055 Middle piece


K130 Bottom piece

To find out more about the mystery object, read other people’s comments and add your own, head over to the Mystery Object blog post.

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2 responses to “The Mystery Staffordshire Hoard Object: More Pics!”

  1. Anonymous says :

    The head of a staff?

  2. birminghammag says :

    Fascinated by the Hoard mystery object? Did you make a guess as to what it is? See what curator Dr David Symons makes of the suggestions he’s received do far:

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