Working on Style Africa

Extended until 9 September, the Style Africa exhibition has been led by a team of young people in partnership with staff at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Through a series of hands-on workshops, museum visits and meetings with local West African designers, the group explored clothing and textiles from Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. The final exhibition also features a film made by young people from the Drum Arts Centre, sharing their impressions of West African cloth.


Style Africa film Workshop

The young people became involved for many different reasons, some for their interest in African textiles. “I wanted to learn about West African culture in a hands-on way” says Liberty.

“I love the colours, the patterns and the meanings. Each textile tells a different story, which is something you don’t get with clothes from the high street” says Abbey.

For others, it was an opportunity to learn about their heritage; “I took part because I’m from Sierra Leone and textiles are important in my culture” explains Bascilia.


Style Africa Curatorial Workshop


Style Africa Curatorial Workshop

Many of the participants were keen to develop new skills; “it was great to have an insight into what curating an exhibition involves” comments Sophie.

For Hayley, “it was an opportunity to voice what younger people would like to see in an exhibition. I’m particularly interested in the techniques so Style Africa was a way to showcase some of the historical cloth alongside more contemporary creations. During the workshops, we learnt about the different types of cloth and their importance in West African culture. As a group we were able to discuss, debate and decide on all elements of the exhibition; from choosing what textiles to exhibit, to the styling, layout and construction of the gallery space. Overall we wanted the exhibition to be an enjoyable experience that leaves a strong visual impact on the visitor”.


Style Africa film Workshop


Style Africa film Workshop

This is the second blog post about Style Africa. Read: Working as a Young Curator on Style Africa

Style Africa also has a Facebook page.

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