Come Create with Thinktank

It is Volunteers Week this week (1-7 June), so to celebrate our wonderful volunteers and to highlight the work they do at Birmingham Museum Trust, we will be posting their blogs to this site all week.

The first blog is by Hannah, who is a Planetarium Volunteer at Thinktank Science Museum. Her blog is about attending the preview of Thinktank’s new summer exhibition ‘Come Create’ before the official opening on 24th May. As the staff put their finishing touches to the exhibition, Hannah took the chance to explore, and discover whether the new offerings would live up to the stellar success of last year’s ‘Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists’.

For more information about volunteering at Birmingham Museums visit:

A Day in The Life

Afternoon campers,

Last Friday, I was invited by the good people of Thinktank in Birmingham to pop along after hours for a preview of their new summer exhibition, before the big public reveal on Saturday. Being in a museum when it’s relatively quiet and empty is always fun, and seeing a preview is even more exciting, so I headed over in anticipation.

Come Create is Thinktank’s summer exhibition, which will be open every day until 7th September. As I discovered, the exhibition does what Thinktank does best: it engages children with exciting, interactive displays, encourages creativity and innovation, and provides entertainment for adults at the same time. It’s located in a wonderful space up on Level 3 of the museum (right next to the planetarium, which you DEFINITELY have to visit too). It also has a lovely smell of MDF, which immediately makes me think of DIY – certainly a creative activity!

The exhibition…

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