Warframe New War Gameplay Demo | Tennocon 2021

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At TennoCon 2021, we obtained our first have a look at Warframe’s subsequent main growth, The New War. Coming later this yr, this new cinematic quest will see the Tenno will face off in opposition to the rising drive of the Sentients, who’ve now invaded Earth.

Erick Tay
on July 17, 2021 at 7:53PM PDT

In this prolonged gameplay reveal, we see the total invasion of Cestus, Earth’s main human settlement, exhibiting off the size of the Sentient invasion. But in a shock twist, we then reduce to gameplay for characters aside from our acquainted Tenno. While your adventures all through Warframe have centered on the Tenno, The New War will mark the primary time gamers tackle an energetic function as aspect characters for story missions. In the gameplay we noticed in the course of the stream, The New War will function missions letting you management the sword-wielding Teshin of the Conclave faction, Kahl-175 of the Grineer, and the Corpus engineer Veso. These standalone missions will concentrate on every character’s explicit loadout and abilities, making them stand aside from the slate of Frames you have grow to be effectively accustomed to through the years. However, The New War will nonetheless concentrate on the Tenno and their actions throughout this questline.

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